Roberson Law Firm, P.A. assists clients with the creation, operation, and administration of both revocable and irrevocable trusts. While trusts may be valuable tools for many clients, they are not necessarily appropriate for everyone. The potential benefits of creating a trust should be weighed against the additional costs and complexities associated with its establishment. Accordingly, our attorneys work with clients to determine whether a trust or some other alternative is the best option to address the client’s particular situation and needs.

We also provide advice and assistance to clients serving as trustee of a trust regarding their duties to both the trust and its beneficiaries. This may include:

Advice concerning the proper interpretation of the trust’s provisions;
Preparation and filing of fiduciary income tax returns for the trust;
Advice concerning any accountings the trustee may be required to make to
the court, the grantor of the trust, or the trust’s beneficiaries.

We also assist clients with the modification or amendment of trusts if permitted under the terms of the trust agreement or under applicable law.

Our firm also provides clients who are beneficiaries of trusts with advice concerning their beneficial interests in the trust, taxation of distributions received from the trust, and related matters.

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