Roberson Law Firm, P.A. assists our clients with the probate and administration of decedents’ estates. We represent estates and the executors or administrators of estates and guide them through the probate process. This may include:

Preparing and filing initial forms for opening the estate, including offering the
will for probate by the Clerk of Court and seeking qualification of the
executor or administrator;
Preparing and filing the inventory for the estate;
Publishing and mailing notices to creditors of the estate;
Preparing and filing final income tax returns for the decedent;
Preparing and filing fiduciary income tax returns and federal estate tax
returns for the estate; and/or
Preparing and filing annual or final accounts for the estate.

We strive to make the estate administration process as simple and straightforward as possible and to provide our clients with a clear “road map” to guide them through the probate process.

The firm’s attorneys are also available to serve as executor or administrator for estates if so desired by our clients.

We also provide clients who are beneficiaries of estates with advice regarding their expected inheritances and other matters related to estates.

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