Roberson Law Firm, P.A. assists its clients with all aspects of the organization and operation of small and mid-sized businesses.

One of the most fundamental issues in this process is often the choice of the appropriate structure or form for the business. Our attorneys meet with the client, discuss the client’s plans and ideas for the business and other related questions, review the available options, and then recommend the type of business entity that will best fit the client’s needs. The types of business entities that may be considered include:

Sole proprietorships;
General partnerships;
Limited partnerships;
S corporations;
C corporations;
Limited liability companies (LLCs);
Professional corporations or professional associations (P.A.s or P.C.s); or
Professional limited liability companies (PLLCs)

Once the choice regarding the best type of entity for the business has been made, we work closely with the client to guide the client through the process of creating the entity and getting the new business up and running. However, our assistance does not end there. We encourage our clients to come to us with any questions or business law needs they may have as their businesses grow and develop. Our goal is to work with each client to help make the client’s business a success.

Roberson Law Firm, P.A. also advises clients in connection with the sale or purchase of a business or of interests in a business or business organization. Our firm is experienced in representing both buyers and sellers and regularly handles asset sales or purchases, stock sales or purchases, mergers, and similar business transactions. We also advise our clients with regard to planning for business successions and the continuation of businesses after the death, disability, retirement, or other absence of the founder or other key participant.

As part of our ongoing representation of our individual or business clients, we regularly draft and review many types of contracts, leases, and other legal documents and agreements. These may include:

Employment agreements;
Independent contractor agreements;
Consulting agreements;
Sales or service agreements;
Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements;
Non-competition agreements;
Non-solicitation agreements; or
Licensing agreements.

These services are available on an as-needed basis to any of our clients.

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